Friday, December 20, 2013

How to make a bling pop!

One of my best friends asked me to make scandalicious cake pops for her scandal party. We came up with this great idea to bling them out just like the ones she saw at an of course I obliged because she is a gem herself so here we go. 

First, I had her send me a picture of what she wanted. Then I researched bling cake pop sticks and saw so many options. Who knew? I took my cake decorating material and got to work.

1. Using the diamond rhinestone wrap in the color she wanted I measured out how much I needed. 

2. I took the cake pop stick and wrapped the bling around it to ensure I had enough to wrap. FYI it took me 2 tries but I finally got it. 

3. Then I commenced to blinging out my cake pop sticks. Using a glue gun I wrapped and glued the bling around the stick. 
Blinged out! 

I can't wait to show the final product. It's a surprise for her :)

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